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5 Unique Techniques for Effective Lead Generation

The internet has evolved over the last 10 years into the most important business platform. With the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) reporting there are 3 billion internet users, it is obvious your business will either be made or broken online.

Capitalizing on Lead Generation

U.S Money defines lead generation as pricking consumer interest in your business products and services. It is a process of making contact, which may lead to a sale or other benefits to your business.

This has become a specialized business practice where computer technology, databases and the internet are used to obtain data for the purpose of expanding your company’s scope, improving sales and gaining new clients.

In the simplest terms, a lead is that prospect that is thus starting to exhibit buying behaviour. The bottom-line is that you need experts in this field to fully capitalize on the power of lead generation.

Simple Commandments in Lead Generation

With this hindsight, it becomes obvious that lead generation is an ineluctable aspect of your business marketing strategy. Here are some simple, but highly effective, techniques the London based KT Marketing recommends:

Create Credibility using Photos and Testimonials

The contemporary shopper is very cautious, and before they make any move, they will try to ascertain your company’s credibility. Including testimonials and your management’s photos on your website is a sure way of enhancing credibility.

Leverage Lead Generation Forms

To learn as much as you can about a lead, make sure you have forms on virtually every page. This increases actual leads especially when they are professionally drafted to request for minimal, information. Avoid personal information as this is a turnoff for the modern shopper.

Blog Consistently

This is one of those lead generation rules all businesses know yet only a few are consistent about implementing. Ensure you are consistent in providing insightful content about your niche market even when no leads are coming your way.

Optimize  Multimedia Tools

According to Forrester Research, 70% of online traffic will be video by 2017. This proves that consumers are more likely to turn to leads when you leverage the power of video and audio. Your videos must speak to users because eMarketer reckons 87% of viewers are likely to buy from your landing page.

Use Trust Seals

Online shopping is fraught with risks, and lead generation ensures you have guarantees to the user on privacy and personal information protection. Research by Nielsen on ecommerce shows those pages with buy safe guarantees enjoy 8% more conversion rates.

There are many other techniques for lead generation, but the partner you choose is as important as the effectiveness of your strategy.