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mobile scratch repairs

What Makes a Good Car Scratch Repair Company?

There are several good car scratch repair companies in London and the home counties, but ‘good’ is relative, isn’t it? You should choose carefully if you want quality work. You are only able to make the right choice if you understand the qualities of a good repair.

  1. A good company is one that uses SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Techniques). These repair techniques allow for quick and cost effective repair of small dents, stone chips to paintwork, abrasions on upholstery, and scuffs on bumpers. Other than convenience and cost benefits, SMART repairs are also advantageous in that they preserve the original finish, they are greener, and using these means incurring lower insurance costs.
  2. Go for a company that offers a mobile service. This is greatly convenient since the repair will not interfere with your work/business or school. The compact equipment used for SMART allows for mobile car paint repairs. A company that has a mobile service will have a mobile workshop where the paint will be mixed. Only perfectly matching paint colours should be used.
  3. The repairs should not take more than 2 hours.
  4. You should go for a company that offers a free estimate. They should have a website where you can submit a picture of the damage to get a free estimate. You should also be able to get an estimate over the phone.
  5. An important quality in a car paint repairs  is satisfaction guarantee. The company should only charge you on completion of the job and if you are completely satisfied with the results. It is human nature to want low prices, but you should be wary of companies with overly low rates since they may be cutting corners.
  6. Go for a company that charges you based on the extent of the damage. Consider if the quoted costs are inclusive of VAT or not.
  7. A good car paint scratch repair company will have a well trained professional team.
  8. The company you choose should have been around for several years. Longevity in the industry is indicative of credibility and reliability. The technicians  will have learnt from their mistakes and successes and those of others.
  9. The company should also be licensed by the relevant regulatory authorities. A licensed business will have been vetted and it has to abide by the regulator’s rules, regulations, and code of conduct.

Other than considering licensing and insurance, other ways to determine the credibility and reliability of the car repair company you are considering include getting personal referrals from friends, relatives, and colleagues and reading customer testimonials.

You could also read independent reviews in auto magazines and in review websites. Go through posts in auto forums and other online communities, and check with professional/trade organizations, the local Chamber of Commerce, and consumer protection bodies for complaints.